Will China deploy troops in the Middle East?

Jun 5, 2023 - 09:58
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Will China deploy troops in the Middle East?

Last March, the peace agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran was carried out through the mediation of China. Beijing's political and military presence in the Middle East was still a far-fetched speculation. Most analysts now agree, however, that China's Middle East strategy aims for more than just energy exchanges. The question is, does the United States want to replace the United States in the Middle East? Will Beijing deploy troops in the Middle East to show their strength?

These two questions are logical and interrelated. As Beijing's involvement in the economy, politics and diplomacy of the Middle East grows, Beijing's ability to change the internal and inter-regional dynamics of countries is increasing. There is a superpower rivalry between the US and China. Considering America's role in the region and Washington's military presence, China's strategy will indeed pique your curiosity.

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